Birds of a Feather

  What is a bird? – that masterful creature of the skies? The swish and ruffle of feather as the vary air caresses its shafts and filigrees. Oh, the heart of the dinosaur, they say, still beats within its breast. And the great avian family stretches back into the mists of time from when fancy … Continue reading Birds of a Feather


The mind reels at the splendour and beauty of Waterton Lakes and their surrounds. Yet the artist’s eye is caught also by the shining and flitting creatures that grace its shores and heights. More varieties of bird and flower call this place home at various times of the year than any other place. It is … Continue reading Waterton


  The Egyptians knew it, and too the ancient Persians. There’s something about a cat. There’s something about the way the heart of the lion beats unaltered within the most modest tabby or ginger tom. The coolness – the detachment….then, on the instant, the ferocity and lightning movement. And yet too the warmth and gentleness … Continue reading Cats

Heart Felt

The work of the artist has not changed in thousands of years. It is to take up the physical things of the world and render them as enigmatic forms – to sculpt, paint, mold, chisel, weave, hew and felt. Within this world lies the fibre – that most fundamental of human manifestations. For it is … Continue reading Heart Felt


The garden is at once both a place and a state of mind. It is also the thing that the gardener does. And from it comes both food and beauty – the two mainstays of the human condition. For without food our bodies perish – and without beauty, likewise do our souls. The garden is … Continue reading Garden

Wearable Art

My Mom taught me how to sew as a girl, and so fabricating my own clothing became a life-long normalcy. As I moved through various manifestations of the fibre arts over the years, from spinning to weaving to felting, and the colour dyes that enlivened the pieces, I came to a deep realization that craft … Continue reading Wearable Art